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Trusts can simplify wills and estates

When an Alberta resident makes a will, the assets will typically be distributed as per his or her wishes. However, establishing trusts, along with wills and estates, can simplify what is typically a complicated process. A trust will even allow the testator to transfer assets before his or her death.

Employer ordered to pay damages to employee after his termination

Employers in Alberta may feel they have to walk on eggs when it comes to disciplining employees. Sometimes the courts choose the side of employees, causing the impression that employees can get away with egregious behaviour. One case like this involved the termination of an employee who apparently had a problem with alcohol.

Business law: Separate myths from real fraud threats

Business owners in Alberta have to deal with potential fraud risks along with all of their other efforts to keep afloat. Some are proactive and seek the guidance of a lawyer with experience in dealing with business laws to separate myths and reality when it comes to fraud threats. Reportedly, more than half of all organizations in Canada fell victim to fraudsters in 2017.

How does the law deal with a lost will?

Anyone in Alberta is responsible for the safekeeping of his or her estate planning documents. Furthermore, sharing the information of where the will and other documents can be found after the testator's death is always a good idea. Suppose a man who lives with one of his daughters learns about that daughter's illegal activities and decides to change his will, leaving her nothing. When he dies, the daughter destroys the new will and presents the older version in which her father left most of his assets to her.


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