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Why are wills and estates important?

Many people in Alberta feel uncomfortable discussing or even considering their own mortality. However, those who die without establishing wills and estates could make life very difficult for the surviving loved ones. Estate planning can give directions about how to distribute a person's assets after his or her death.

Real estate: New condominium regulations include rental deposits

Condominium owners in Alberta may be aware of the condominium governance regulations that were revised and came into effect at the beginning of this year. An experienced real estate lawyer can answer questions about the new rules. One of the revised regulations involves rental deposits that were formerly known as security deposits.

Breach of contract: Impairment on duty creates hazards for all

Impairment while at the workplace could create dangerous conditions for all. Even if it is not stipulated in an employment contract, being impaired at the workplace might be regarded as a breach of contract. The Occupational Health and Safety Act of Canada requires employers in Alberta and other provinces to address workplace impairment. Workers are encouraged to disclose impairment to prevent creating hazardous conditions for co-workers.

Civil litigation: Settling a civil claim has benefits

In many cases in which people in Alberta file civil lawsuits to recover damages sustained, they are unfamiliar with the legal and court proceedings that will follow. The defendant can offer to settle the claim at any stage, even after a court date has been set. When this happens, the plaintiff may not know how to proceed. In most cases, a lawyer with experience in civil litigation can provide valuable advice and guidance.

Questions business owners must answer when doing estate planning

Estate planning as an Alberta business owner is significantly more complex than dealing only with personal assets. Wills, trusts and other estate planning documents of business owners should also cover their business assets. Dealing with large estates, tax issues and business succession will likely complicate the process. The business owner may be unsure of whether to seek legal counsel, and looking at specific questions might provide the answer.


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