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Commercial law: The threat of internal and external theft

Business owners in Alberta face a multitude of challenges. One of those is theft, and commercial law allows steps to be taken to minimize theft opportunities and protect assets. Many owners choose to utilize legal counsel to assist with establishing a strategy to prevent theft -- both external and internal.

Appointing power of attorney as a part of estate planning

It is not uncommon for people to avoid thoughts about their own mortality. However, proper estate planning can provide valuable peace of mind, not only for the event of death but also to prepare for possible incapacitation. Many people in Alberta establish powers of attorney as a part of their estate planning.

How effective are non-solicitation clauses?

Employees in Alberta with exceptional skills are often the subjects of poaching. However, would such a worker be allowed to accept an irresistible offer from his or her employer's opposition? Many business owners identify high-value employees with specialized skills and have them sign non-solicitation clauses to prevent losing valuable clients to an opposing company in the same market.

What to do when you suspect wrongful termination

Anyone in Alberta who has been fired from a job will likely question the legality of the employer's actions. According to the Employment Standards Act, an employer should give a worker fair warning before termination of employment. For example, an employee who worked at a company for 10 years deserves 10 months' notice of an employer's intention to fire him or her. Otherwise, the fired worker must get 10 months' wages paid out -- not necessarily in one lump sum.


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