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Expired liability insurance and allegations of past harassment

It may seem unnecessary for risk managers to keep papers on expired insurance policies around. However, Alberta risk managers may find these documents useful. If an allegation about harassment that occurred a long time ago emerges, having proof of liability coverage from that time could prove helpful.

Union has human rights concerns about drug testing despite ruling

Random drug testing is a hot button topic in employment law. Employees and unions may argue that there are human rights concerns with this practice, as it violates workers' privacy and dignity. Although employers may argue it is a necessary safety precaution, a recent decision from the Court of Appeal of Alberta has confirmed a ruling in a recent case over the matter.

High levels of stress at work raise human rights concerns

Workplace environment and job-related demands can have a significant influence on the health and well-being of employees. According to a national survey, Alberta workers have a high level of stress at work compared to some other provinces. Some are concerned that this could indicate human rights concerns in workplaces across the province, particularly with regard to mental health.

Alberta restaurant in violation of business law

When businesses break labour or safety codes, they may face a variety of punishments. One Lethbridge restaurant has been under close inspection since Alberta Health Services found evidence of foreign workers sleeping there on mattresses. This violated provincial business law related to health in food services and possibly labour, though Alberta Labour cleared the restaurant of any wrongdoing.


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