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Harassment in the workplace still a pervasive issue

In recent months, Canadian authorities have been investigating the continuing issue of workplace harassment, but this time they are turning their gaze inward. The investigation, conducted by the federal integrity commissioner, has been casting a light on harassment in governmental workplaces, both here in Calgary and across the country. Their findings prove that no workplace is free of this unacceptable behaviour, though hopefully calling attention to the problem will be the first step in remedying it. 

Business and commercial law: Why choose to dissolve a business?

Any business can simply close its doors and shut down. However, if a business owner in Alberta wants to legally terminate the concern, a formal dissolution with the acknowledgement of authorities is necessary. Based on applicable business and commercial law, the concern will have no additional commitments related to taxes and debts, and further fines and fees will be avoided if the business is closed properly.

Health care workers facing workplace harassment

Support workers and nurses in the health care field have reported they are facing unprecedented levels of violence in their workplaces, and they are blaming both the hospitals they work for and the government at large. Alberta health care workers can doubtless sympathize with the plight of Ontario workers as they demand change from the ministry of labour to limit the harassment and violence they experience daily. These workers reportedly face the second-highest rate of workplace injuries in the country. 

Prime Minister speaks out on workplace harassment

As the RCMP gears up to launch a campaign to address multiple allegations of harassment in their workplaces, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has thrown his support behind the initiative. Calgary residents may already be aware of the ongoing workplace harassment inquest being conducted both here and elsewhere in the nation. Prime Minister Trudeau has spoken out about the initiative, calling workplace harassment "unacceptable" at any Canadian establishment, including the armed forces, the RCMP and even Parliament. 

Government launches survey about hostile work environments

The Canadian government recently announced a survey to be conducted between Feb. 14 and Mar. 3, meant to tackle issues in workplaces across the nation. Alberta residents were given the opportunity to answer questions pertaining to hostile work environments they have experienced. Topics for consideration included, but were not limited to, sexual harassment and violence. These issues remain prevalent in Canadian workplaces, leading some employees to seek legal support. 


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