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Wrongful termination claims in Alberta

When an Alberta resident is fired from his or her job, it can be difficult to handle. Not only does the terminated employee have financial concerns, but he or she may also suffer a career setback and have to deal with the psychological repercussions of being fired. However, by educating themselves on the employment rights offered to terminated employees, Alberta residents will be better able to navigate life after getting fired.

Could miscarriage be considered a disability?

Only a woman can know the reality of the emotional trauma experienced after the miscarriage of her unborn baby. Furthermore, not all women will experience a miscarriage, so only a portion of the population in Canada will ever understand this kind of pain. Perhaps this is the only reason why classifying miscarriage and its associated emotional distress as a disability seems new and revolutionary. Indeed, anyone who has gone through the experience might think differently.

Privacy concerns result in tech clash with the United States

Canada residents are putting more and more of their personal information on the Internet. Meanwhile, governments are trying to access this information as a part of litigation and corporate seedings. However, tech companies are becoming increasingly more brazen in attempting to protect the privacy of the users of their technology.

Do I have to have a lawyer in my appeal to the Supreme Court?

When you lose your court case, there is sometimes the possibility to appeal the decision to a higher court. Alternatively, if you win your court case, there is a possibility that the opposing side will choose to appeal the decision. Regardless which side of the appeal you are on, you might be tempted to go it alone and handle the appeal process without a lawyer. Can you do that?

Volkswagen faces lawsuits for its Clean Diesel scandal

A federal lawsuit has been initiated against Volkswagen. The suit was filed on Tuesday and it charges the automaker with making false advertising claims about its "Clean Diesel" technology. Allegedly, the automaker falsely stated that the technology was environmentally friendly, when in fact it was not.


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