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February 2016 Archives

County appeals wind farm plans: Legal battle continues

The Ontario Township of Clearview, along with the town of Collingwood, are fighting to curb plans to build a wind turbine farm. The plans involve building eight 137 metre high wind turbines not far from the Collingwood airport. Last Thursday, the County of Simcoe voted in favor of the municipalities to appeal the Fairview wind project. The governments have asked that the project be appealed to the Environmental Review Tribune.

Civil litigation: Is your case worth it?

Bringing a civil litigation matter forward in court can be expensive in the short term, but very profitable in the long term. That is, if the lawsuit is worth it. No matter how wrongly you have been treated — or no matter how much you want to defend yourself in court — it is important to be realistic in terms of the chances of success in a particular lawsuit before deciding what strategy you will take in your defense and/or pursuit of that lawsuit.

Considerations about probate in Canada

If you are faced with decisions about probate -- whether it relates to the planning of your estate or the administration of another person's estate, there are some important things Alberta residents should think about. Namely, you need to begin by understanding what probate is intended for, and why a lot of people require it.


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