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Corporate and commercial law in Alberta

At Ridout Barron, we handle a wide variety of corporate and commercial business law matters. Whenever we take on a case for one of our clients, we strive to recognize our client's unique needs and goals, in addition to the unique needs and goals of the party on the other side of the case. This allows us to bring a balanced, non-adversarial tone to a corporate law dispute, which can aid in the process of resolving the dispute.

How do you define a breach of contract?

We create business contracts to define specific obligations that must be fulfilled by the parties that agree to the contract. Under the law, if one or more parties fails to fulfill a certain aspect of the agreement, the party or parties will be in breach of the contract. Considering how many kinds of contracts there are, and how many things can go wrong with an agreement, breaches of contracts can happen in a lot of different ways in Calgary.

Business fraud in Toronto

Business relationships are created with contracts and an underlying sense of trust, but sometimes we find that we have put our trust in the wrong people in our business dealings. Fortunately, when business fraud happens, the businesses and/or individuals who are harmed can seek recourse in court to be compensated for the damages that were caused by the fraud.

Resolving commercial lease disputes in Calgary

A commercial lease dispute can be very disruptive and cause an enormous loss of money and time. Some cases involve landlords or property managers, who are failing to uphold their end of the bargain by not maintaining their properties in accordance with the terms of the lease. Other cases might involve tenants who are not paying their rent on time. No matter what side of the dispute you happen to be on, it is vital to get it resolved as efficiently as possible.


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