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4 Alberta First Nations groups file lawsuit over drinking water

Alleging that their drinking water is unsafe, the Blood, Ermineskin, Sucker Creek and Tsuu T'ina First Nations groups in Alberta have filed a lawsuit against the federal government in Ottawa. They want their drinking water safety level upgraded to acceptable standards and are also seeking help with the continued safe operation of their water supply. The civil litigation also addresses the matter of a refund for savings because, they claim, the government has not properly done its job over the years. The lawsuit also claims that the facilities on each of the reservations did not meet standards from the start.

Calgary Flames prospect facing $250,000 lawsuit

According to a $250,000 lawsuit filed by a Cochrane man, the plaintiff was attacked by a prospective professional hockey player. In addition, the victim has also filed suit against the venue where the incident took place, stating that the hotel staff sold alcohol to the defendant when he was already intoxicated. The man who allegedly punched the plaintiff is also facing aggravated assault charges in connection with the incident.

Options for streamlining family court process

The provincial court and the Court of Queen's Bench may have disagreed over the resolution of family law matters previously, but those in charge of both courts are now open to the possibility of creating one court to handle all family law matters across Alberta. One of the chief provincial judges observed that they could learn how to be more effective by looking at other jurisdictions. He elaborated, saying that a single family court would be more efficient.


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