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Man finds creative way to keep out miners

An Alberta artist has found a unique way to fight oil companies that want to lay a pipeline through his property. He decided to copyright his land as an artistic creation. If a company wants to acquire land for drilling or mining rights, they need to work out a deal with the property owner. Once they have made arrangements, they can then run a pipeline through the property on their own terms.

Legislation in existence to prevent SLAPP actions

Many companies in Alberta allow for reviews on their products and services to be posted online. However, these reviews sometimes are not in favor of companies. At such a time, a company many attempt to file a defamation lawsuit, which may also be known as a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, against the poster of a review. These SLAPP tactics have been said to be attacks against freedom of speech.

Investors sue gold mining company over fall in share prices

Alberta investors man know that a class action lawsuit has been filed by shareholders in the world's largest gold mining company. The investors say that they lost billions due to Barrick Gold's 'misrepresentations" concerning a South American project plagued by environmental and local protests. The mining company denies the allegations and said that they will defend itself vigorously. The case is likely to be followed closely in the business and commercial law community.

Woman seeks $700,000 from Alberta tour company

A lawyer has filed a lawsuit worth nearly $700,000 against an Alberta tour company after a guided Tanzania mountain-climbing trip. The California woman sought out the tour company because of their high reputation, but she now alleges that the expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro between Feb. 26 and March 3 involved on-going problems. The trip also involved an incident where her daughter and a companion were allegedly injected with drugs and robbed.


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