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Business Fraud

In business fraud, more so than almost any other area of business litigation, effective document analysis is the key. In many other disputes, there may be disagreement over the meaning of contracts or how a dispute should be resolved, but there is usually an assumption that the other party is reasonable enough that a resolution can be found.

In business fraud situations, trust between parties has broken down to such an extent that there is likely no trust left. One or both parties may believe that the other is lying and will not believe what it says without solid proof. Written documents, agreements and objective, verifiable facts can become as vitally important as they are in criminal trials.

Our Calgary business fraud litigation lawyers deal with all types of fraud, including:

  • Embezzlement
  • Theft
  • Appropriation of company assets
  • Altering financial documents
  • Misrepresentation of products or services

Our clients want to make sure that the fraudulent conduct is dealt with effectively and quickly, especially if it involves suspected theft. We can seek immediate relief through injunctions and will work quickly to make sure the other side understands that you are serious about defending your company. Our lawyers will be diligent in their investigation of what has happened and will do their best to resolve the issue and recapture your losses as quickly as possible.

Accusations Of Fraud

If you have been accused of fraud, your reputation and ability to do business is on the line. It is important to be able to protect your integrity through documentation and a vigorous defence of your rights.

These cases can become emotionally charged, and it can be difficult to know how to react to these kinds of accusations. Come and talk to us. We will be diligent in our examination of the evidence against you, will explain your rights and options, and will help you pick the right approach for your defence.

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