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Woman seeks $700,000 from Alberta tour company

A lawyer has filed a lawsuit worth nearly $700,000 against an Alberta tour company after a guided Tanzania mountain-climbing trip. The California woman sought out the tour company because of their high reputation, but she now alleges that the expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro between Feb. 26 and March 3 involved on-going problems. The trip also involved an incident where her daughter and a companion were allegedly injected with drugs and robbed.

Justice hears arguments in fracking case

Both sides presented arguments in an Alberta courtroom over a highly publicized fracking and contamination of groundwater case in mid-April. The $33 million lawsuit stems from a property owner who is claiming that a shale gas driller, the Energy Resources Conservation Board and Alberta Environment contaminated her well water. She further alleges that the government did not properly investigate the matter. The property owner charges that Encana, the driller, acted negligently and that the ERCB violated her freedoms. She further claimed bad faith on the part of the Alberta Environment.

Faulty GM part caused at least 12 deaths

After General Motors announced a recall of 1.6 million vehicles globally because of a defective part, lawyers began filing class action lawsuits on behalf of people who have been victims of the faulty ignition switches. A class action lawsuit combines numerous plaintiffs but can take years to conclude. Two plaintiffs have claimed that they are now fearful when they get behind the wheel because they think that the car might shut off and cause an accident.

Litigation sought against government officials

In a lawsuit that he filed, a former Calgary pathologist claims that the chief medical examiner and other government officials tried to destroy his medical career. The civil litigation for $30 million further claims that the group reviewed 14 of his cases in an effort to slander him. A 25-page list of a host of complaints against the government officials who tried to discredit the pathologist says that the plaintiff could no longer practice in his chosen career field because of the actions of the defendants.


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