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Lawsuit filed against Alberta skydiving company

According to a lawsuit filed against an Alberta-based skydiving company, it failed to provide adequate training, resulting in a British soldier suffering severe injuries. The claim is seeking an award of $150,000. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom and may result in civil litigation before the case is resolved.

Alberta family files lawsuit in death of armoured guard

The wife and daughter of an armoured car guard who was fatally shot in a June 2012 robbery is suing the shooter along with three other parties who allegedly failed to provide adequate safety and security measures that may have prevented the guard's death. The guard was shot and killed in 2012 as the victim and co-workers were placing money into a machine at the bank.

Civil claims limit increased to $50,000

The Provincial Court of Alberta has announced that the limit for civil claims will increase beginning Aug. 1. Currently set at $25,000, the limit for civil litigation is to double to $50,000. The court has also announced plans to begin implementing dispute resolution systems that will be aimed at resolving civil litigation faster and for less money.

Lawsuit filed for alleged wrongful denial of loss-of-life benefit

According to a lawsuit filed on behalf of the estate of a teenager killed by a drunk driver, the insurer's denial of a $5,000 loss-of-life benefit has caused $250,000 in damages. The claim was filed against the Alberta Motor Association and states that the claim was denied because the victim had a small amount of marijuana in his system when the fatal accident occurred. Due to the denial of the loss-of-life claim, the case may require civil litigation.

52-year-old man wins discrimination lawsuit

A 52-year-old man with a service animal won an Ontario civil rights case after an employee told him the dog could not stay in a local restaurant. He submitted the civil litigation claim to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario who ruled in the plaintiff's favour. Discussing the incident, the plaintiff explained how the employee's treatment of him seemed dated and said that he should not have to fight for his rights just because he is blind.

Families sue inmate in university shooting

A 2012 shooting at the University of Alberta that resulted in the death of two G4S workers has resulted in two lawsuits against the company and the man who was responsible. He shot his fellow guards as they were occupied with refilling two ATM machines on the campus. A fourth guard, 26, was critically wounded but survived, and a 26-year-old woman also lost her life. The shooter is currently serving a life sentence in prison after entering a guilty plea in September 2013 to various counts of attempted murder, second-degree murder and first-degree murder.

4 Alberta First Nations groups file lawsuit over drinking water

Alleging that their drinking water is unsafe, the Blood, Ermineskin, Sucker Creek and Tsuu T'ina First Nations groups in Alberta have filed a lawsuit against the federal government in Ottawa. They want their drinking water safety level upgraded to acceptable standards and are also seeking help with the continued safe operation of their water supply. The civil litigation also addresses the matter of a refund for savings because, they claim, the government has not properly done its job over the years. The lawsuit also claims that the facilities on each of the reservations did not meet standards from the start.

Calgary Flames prospect facing $250,000 lawsuit

According to a $250,000 lawsuit filed by a Cochrane man, the plaintiff was attacked by a prospective professional hockey player. In addition, the victim has also filed suit against the venue where the incident took place, stating that the hotel staff sold alcohol to the defendant when he was already intoxicated. The man who allegedly punched the plaintiff is also facing aggravated assault charges in connection with the incident.

Options for streamlining family court process

The provincial court and the Court of Queen's Bench may have disagreed over the resolution of family law matters previously, but those in charge of both courts are now open to the possibility of creating one court to handle all family law matters across Alberta. One of the chief provincial judges observed that they could learn how to be more effective by looking at other jurisdictions. He elaborated, saying that a single family court would be more efficient.

Legislation in existence to prevent SLAPP actions

Many companies in Alberta allow for reviews on their products and services to be posted online. However, these reviews sometimes are not in favor of companies. At such a time, a company many attempt to file a defamation lawsuit, which may also be known as a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, against the poster of a review. These SLAPP tactics have been said to be attacks against freedom of speech.


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