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Falling hot dog stand umbrella leads to $570,000 lawsuit

A woman from Calgary went to Canadian Tire and while she was there, a hot dog stand's umbrella fell over. The umbrella hit the woman unexpectedly, and a lawsuit she has just filed says that she suffered numerous injuries all over her body, from her head to her hands and feet. It also claims she is dealing with dizziness, memory loss, anxiety, depression, nervousness, a concussion and chronic migraines.

Can tenants leave if they lose their jobs?

If a tenant loses his or her job, finances can become tight in a hurry. The tenant might be tempted to walk away from his or her lease, unable to make the payments, perhaps in order to move in with friends or family members for free. While tenants do not feel much ownership regarding a rental property, are they allowed to do this?

Alberta Health Services sued by heart surgeon

According to court records, a well-known heart surgeon is suing Alberta Heart Services, several physicians and a number of administrators. In his lawsuit, the doctor indicated the group engaged in a conspiracy to limit and then suspend the heart surgeon's operating privileges at the facility.

Alberta couple sues government after tree falls on tent

A Calgary couple has filed a lawsuit against the federal government for injuries they suffered after a tree fell on their tent in Jasper National Park. The female plaintiff seeks $75,000, and the male plaintiff seeks $40,000. They are also requesting $1,000 for medical expenses and $105 for their tent. The government has asked for the complaint to be dismissed.

New laws in place to pursue illegal downloaders

Individuals in Alberta may not be aware that a law that took effect on Jan. 1 may make Internet piracy more dangerous for those who download illegally. The Copyright Modernization Act will require website hosts and Internet service providers to notify customers when an illegal download has been detected coming from the Internet Protocol address associated with that customer.

Tort litigation for Alberta businesses

When businesses in Alberta are involved in a civil litigation, the claims involved generally stem from disputes over contracts or losses suffered due to torts such as negligence or defamation. The term tort is derived from the Latin word "tortus," which means "wrong." Torts are separated into two classes. Intentional torts occur when one party injures another due to a conscious action such as making a statement or performing a physical act. An unintentional tort, such as negligence, occurs when injury results from insufficient care being taken.

Former CFO receives $900,000 settlement

The former Chief Financial Officer of Alberta Health Services has reached an agreement with his former employer for being terminated without cause from his executive position. The man was terminated in 2012 after certain expenditures, such as butler services and dinners, were made public. The expenses had been approved at the time by senior staff of the government, but to avoid a black eye with the public, the CFO was terminated.

Oil company purchases 4 farms to settle civil claim

A lawsuit that was filed against an oil extraction company in Calgary was resolved in September. Baytex Energy Corp. settled the lawsuit that was brought by an extended family of farmers by agreeing to purchase four farms in Peace River. According to the family's lawsuit, heavy emissions from the oil company's operations had forced them to abandon their 160 hectares of farmland.

CBE faces opposition in building project

According to a recent report, a Alberta new school that would cater to special-needs children has faced legal opposition. The facility would care for an estimated 120 secondary-age students who have been diagnosed with moderate-to-severe developmental disabilities. The project would cost approximately $24 million and would be built on land in the northwest area of Varsity.


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