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Ex-journalist wins $200,000 in civil suit for defamation

Ex-journalist Arthur Kent won a defamation lawsuit after a columnist from Postmedia said others referred to the politician as the "Dud Scud," which was an unflattering play on the man's nickname, "Scud Stud," from his days as a news correspondent during the Persian Gulf War.

Library workers in Toronto negotiate tentative settlement

Around 2,220 library workers have arrived at a tentative settlement agreement in Toronto. The agreement was announced early morning on Monday, May 2, which means that area libraries will open on schedule. Employees were on the verge of walking off the job after midnight on Monday, which would have closed Toronto's 100 public libraries.

Do I have to have a lawyer in my appeal to the Supreme Court?

When you lose your court case, there is sometimes the possibility to appeal the decision to a higher court. Alternatively, if you win your court case, there is a possibility that the opposing side will choose to appeal the decision. Regardless which side of the appeal you are on, you might be tempted to go it alone and handle the appeal process without a lawyer. Can you do that?

Volkswagen faces lawsuits for its Clean Diesel scandal

A federal lawsuit has been initiated against Volkswagen. The suit was filed on Tuesday and it charges the automaker with making false advertising claims about its "Clean Diesel" technology. Allegedly, the automaker falsely stated that the technology was environmentally friendly, when in fact it was not.

Civil litigation: Is your case worth it?

Bringing a civil litigation matter forward in court can be expensive in the short term, but very profitable in the long term. That is, if the lawsuit is worth it. No matter how wrongly you have been treated — or no matter how much you want to defend yourself in court — it is important to be realistic in terms of the chances of success in a particular lawsuit before deciding what strategy you will take in your defense and/or pursuit of that lawsuit.

Considerations about probate in Canada

If you are faced with decisions about probate -- whether it relates to the planning of your estate or the administration of another person's estate, there are some important things Alberta residents should think about. Namely, you need to begin by understanding what probate is intended for, and why a lot of people require it.

Airline settles Canada cvil suit over price fixing for $6 million

Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd., has agreed to pay CA$6 million to settle a number of antitrust class action lawsuits in Canada that have accused the firm of conspiring with other airlines to increase international air cargo rates. The lawsuits came about after European Commission and U.S. Department of Justice investigations accused the air cargo company of conspiring through conversations, meetings and other modes of communication to artificially set the rates for air cargo routes.

Civil litigation and professional negligence

Professional negligence can manifest itself in a lot of different forms. Most of the professional negligence claims we take on at Ridout Barron involve the negligence of individuals and firms who provide professional services to businesses. Those might include investment advisors, surveyors, accountants and other kinds of professionals who negligently fail to provide an adequate level of service to the businesses or individuals that hire them. At its core, professional negligence refers to malpractice that results in serious financial losses.

Business fraud in Toronto

Business relationships are created with contracts and an underlying sense of trust, but sometimes we find that we have put our trust in the wrong people in our business dealings. Fortunately, when business fraud happens, the businesses and/or individuals who are harmed can seek recourse in court to be compensated for the damages that were caused by the fraud.


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