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Amended law aims to address hostile work environments

Employees in Alberta might find comfort in the fact that the Canadian government passed an act that will amend the harassment and violence section of the Canada Labour Code. The aim is to eliminate hostile work environments and to instill a zero tolerance for violence, harassment and any measure of unacceptable behaviour. Authorities say training on all levels of an organization is needed to bring about the culture change that is required to eradicate workplace harassment

Can employers restrict employees’ use of personal smartphones?

Apple iOS upgrades sometimes have unexpected results. Its most recent upgrade includes Screen Time, a feature that allows iPhone users to track the amount of time they spend using their iPhone. The feature revealed some interesting statistics that may worry employers and force them to develop new employment policies.

Confusion arises over employer rules about cannabis use at work

Cannabis legalization is almost here. Employers are busily preparing rules to regulate cannabis use in their workplaces. Police and other employers whose duties affect public safety are finding it particularly difficult to draft policies for cannabis use that satisfy their employees and their obligations to the public.

Human rights concerns lead to no random testing for bus drivers

The forthcoming legalization of cannabis across Canada has raised many questions amongst employers and employees alike. One of the most fierce debates has been over human rights concerns with regard to random testing for the substance. People driving or operating heavy machinery, such as oil workers and bus drivers in Alberta, have been a particular source of debate.

Employment contract disputes a problem for many Alberta workers

One of the biggest grievances between employers and former employees relates to unpaid wages. In Alberta, the government has cracked down on such employment contract disputes. Despite these efforts, claims of unpaid continue to flow in, totalling $19 million last year alone.

New legislation addresses human rights concerns for farm workers

The challenges faced by businesses and their employees often vary depending on industry and location. In Alberta, human rights concerns about farm labour have led to recent changes to employment standards legislation. This means that farm owners will have more employment laws to consider when managing waged, non-family employees.

Human rights concerns at work an issue in marijuana legalization

As the provinces prepare for marijuana legalization, Ottawa is discussing some of the finer points of how worker rights relate to the drug. There are many human rights concerns in the workplace related to pot, including whether workplaces will be able to test for the substance and if the law will distinguish between medical and recreational marijuana in the case of worker rights. The conversation in Ottawa is currently deadlocked, while an Alberta case about workplace testing prepares to enter the Supreme Court.

Expired liability insurance and allegations of past harassment

It may seem unnecessary for risk managers to keep papers on expired insurance policies around. However, Alberta risk managers may find these documents useful. If an allegation about harassment that occurred a long time ago emerges, having proof of liability coverage from that time could prove helpful.

Union has human rights concerns about drug testing despite ruling

Random drug testing is a hot button topic in employment law. Employees and unions may argue that there are human rights concerns with this practice, as it violates workers' privacy and dignity. Although employers may argue it is a necessary safety precaution, a recent decision from the Court of Appeal of Alberta has confirmed a ruling in a recent case over the matter.


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