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The benefits of legal counsel in estate planning

Although it may make financial sense to download a do-it-yourself will from the internet, it might not make legal sense. For many people in Alberta, estate planning is a complicated process, and the circumstances of each individual are unique, many of which might not be included in DIY documents. For that reason, it makes sense to utilize the skills of an experienced estate planning lawyer.

Civil litigation: Settling a civil claim has benefits

In many cases in which people in Alberta file civil lawsuits to recover damages sustained, they are unfamiliar with the legal and court proceedings that will follow. The defendant can offer to settle the claim at any stage, even after a court date has been set. When this happens, the plaintiff may not know how to proceed. In most cases, a lawyer with experience in civil litigation can provide valuable advice and guidance.

Harmful product allegations could lead to civil litigation

The Canada Consumer Product Safety Act protects consumers against harm caused by dangerous products. When a member of the public in Alberta or another province is injured or becomes ill as the result of a malfunctioning or dangerous product, grounds may exist to pursue a claim for damage recovery. This might lead to civil litigation, with the manufacturer of the product and/or others in the consumer supply chain named as defendants.

Civil litigation: Steps to recover owed money

Alberta business owners who have problems with collecting money owed to them might have questions about the most appropriate steps to take. The first instinct might be to sue the debtor, but seeking legal counsel first might be a good idea. Civil litigation can be time consuming and expensive, and there could be other legal ways to pursue the recovery of outstanding debts.

Mediation can eliminate the need for civil litigation

Owners of commercial enterprises in Alberta have to deal with many challenging situations every day. When disputes arise, they might need legal counsel to help resolve issues through mediation rather than civil litigation. It is a process by which the needs, interests and perceptions of each party are shared, and all work to resolve their differences amicably without laying fault to the other party.

Civil litigation might follow feeding a child cannabis brownies

Along with the legalization of marijuana in Canada, including Alberta, come risks that might need careful consideration. Civil litigation might result from a variety of possible circumstances involving cannabis. It must not be forgotten that marijuana is a drug, and although it has medicinal qualities, it could be harmful. Precautions must be taken not only for the welfare of cannabis users but also to protect children who might be offered marijuana containing candy or other edibles.

Civil litigation might follow slip-and-fall on dangerous property

Property owners or tenants in Alberta must take reasonable care to maintain properties in a way that will not endanger visitors. While civil litigation might follow a slip-and-fall injury suffered in a store, homeowners might be sued if a babysitter, courier, repair technician or a delivery person is injured due to dangerous conditions on owned or rented property. Typical dangerous conditions cited in premises liability lawsuits include damaged driveways, walkways and stairs -- among others.

Highway buses require seatbelts by 2020. School buses might too.

Passenger safety on buses is a matter of great concern after the tragic Humboldt Broncos bus accident last April. Sixteen people were killed, and thirteen people were injured. Transport Canada is changing its seatbelt policies for highway buses to provide better protection for passengers. Since 1984, Transport Canada has maintained that school buses don’t need seatbelts but is now reviewing its policies regarding seat belts on school buses as well.

Civil litigation underway in case of girl injured by dentist

When a medical professional is accused of negligence, professional associations are often on hand to deliberate on consequences. These tribunals will sometimes investigate incidents and hand down fines, as well as limiting a person from practicing his or her profession in the future. In addition, criminal charges and civil litigation may be filed. Recently, the Alberta Dental Association and College handed down a fine of $330,000, the highest amount it has ever fined a member of its association.

Handling wills and estates after a terminal diagnosis

A terminal diagnosis can bring many stresses to individuals and their families. For those who have not yet addressed issues related to their wills and estates, the need to quickly plan for their family's future can be overwhelming. There are a few steps Alberta adults can take when faced with difficult decisions such as beneficiaries or powers of attorney in the wake of a chronic disease or disability.


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