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The Supreme Court can decide not to hear your case

Generally speaking, the appeals process goes like this: A judge rules on your case, and you then appeal to the court because you do not agree with the judgement. The appeals court then rules, and you either agree with it or you decide to appeal again, this time to the Supreme Court of Canada. What the Supreme Court says stands, so this body makes the final ruling and the case ends. There are also instances where the Supreme Court may order that there should be a brand new hearing or a new trial entirely, as well.

An error of law versus an error of fact

If you're seeking an appeal, it typically means that an error was made by the judge -- at least, you believe such an error was made. You want a higher court to look at the decision to see if it should hold up. You think they will identify the error and rule in your favor because of it. The two main types of errors that can cause this are errors of law and errors of fact.

County appeals wind farm plans: Legal battle continues

The Ontario Township of Clearview, along with the town of Collingwood, are fighting to curb plans to build a wind turbine farm. The plans involve building eight 137 metre high wind turbines not far from the Collingwood airport. Last Thursday, the County of Simcoe voted in favor of the municipalities to appeal the Fairview wind project. The governments have asked that the project be appealed to the Environmental Review Tribune.

Can I file a complaint against a Canada judge?

Litigants who feel that the judge presiding over their case acted inappropriately may wish to file a complaint against the judge. Before moving forward with such a complaint, however, it must be determined whether the issue relates to the judge's conduct or a decision made by the judge.

The structure of Canada's court system

Anyone in Alberta who is considering moving forward with a court case or an appeal should know exactly how the courts are structured and how cases will move through various courts. The whole legal process is sometimes a bit overwhelming if you've never gone through it before, so this information can be very helpful and can put you at ease.


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