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Human rights concerns: An employer's responsibilities

Under the Alberta Human Rights Act, employers must ensure no discrimination or harassment based on any of the protected grounds is present in the workplace. They must develop procedures and policies that are not discriminatory. In the event of violations of the AHR Act, the employer might be held liable, regardless of involvement in alleged infringements. Employers must address human rights concerns immediately.

Business law: Which business structure to choose

The prospects of starting a new business in Alberta are exciting. However, proper planning is crucial to the business' success. Choosing between the various business structures is essential because it will affect other decisions, and compliance with business law and tax laws from the onset is vital. It is only natural to have many questions, and approaching the right person for answers is essential. The options are sole proprietorship, partnership and incorporation.

Wills are powerful documents to express last wishes

Reportedly, a significant percentage of Canadians, including many in Alberta, believe there is no need to do estate planning. Many people reason that it is obvious that their surviving spouses and children will receive their estates. However, that is not the way things work. Wills are the way to ensure that possessions, money and percentages of estates go to the intended beneficiaries. Without wills, the law will decide how the estate assets like real estate, personal items, vehicles, investments and more will be divided.

Does business and commercial law protect trade secrets?

Trade secrets can involve valuable information about a business, and leaking such secrets could be devastating for Alberta businesses. One example is the Coca Cola Company that has protected its soft drink formula for over 100 years. For some businesses, their ongoing success is dependent on the protection of trade secrets. However, business and commercial law in Canada does not offer intellectual property protection.

Workplace discrimination can affect both employers and employees

More workers in Alberta and across Canada are learning about their rights in the workplace. Discrimination based on race, gender, culture, colour, ethnic origin, nationality, age, religion, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or pregnancy is against the law. Furthermore, membership in a trade union or union activities may not be held against employees. Discrimination is a violation of employment and human rights laws.


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