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Human rights: The right to reasonable accommodation

The Alberta Human Rights Act requires that employers accommodate employees with special needs and limitations. Examples of employees who might require reasonable accommodation include those with physical or mental disabilities or special needs related to gender or religion. Employers are required to make exceptions or adjustments to work environments, procedures, rules and standards.

Keeping your will up to date is crucial

Estate planning may seem daunting, but it is essential for Alberta residents who want their wishes to be followed after their death. Dying without a will leaves all the decisions about the deceased person's estate in the hands of the court, as explained in the Distribution of Intestate Estates in the Wills and Succession Act. However, it does not stop at drafting the will, because life's changes may affect the testator's wishes for the distribution of his or her estate.

Why real estate buyers place conditions in Offers to Purchase

When buyers in Alberta are interested in purchasing property, they may not realize the different ways in which they can protect their interests. The first step in buying real estate is to write an Offer to Purchase. That offer can include several conditions to be met before it becomes a firm offer.

Employers could be accused of discrimination in recruiting

There is a fine line that business owners must not lose sight of in their recruitment. The Alberta Human Rights Act has clear guidelines, and non-compliance might lead to accusations of discrimination. Advertisements and job descriptions may not indicate that selection will be based on specific grounds. The prohibited grounds include religion, race, gender, colour, mental or physical disability, ancestry, age, place of origin, sexual orientation, family and marital status, and income source.


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