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Estate management upon the death of a spouse

Some people in Alberta shy away from thoughts about their own and their spouses' deaths. However, dealing with wills and estates in a timely manner can provide peace of mind. Losing a spouse is understandably traumatic, though having estate plans in place can ease the financial and emotional impact of such a loss.

Termination not the suitable response to employee impairment

Pain relievers, cold medication and other nonprescription and prescription drugs can cause impairment of employees, along with recreational cannabis and alcohol. Although current legislation does not cover testing workers for impairment, Alberta employers and supervisors can develop policies for addressing it. This could promote a safety culture that recognizes and responds to impairment of employees instead of outright termination.

Make sure conditions in your will are valid

Estate law in Alberta can be contentious and complicated. The stakes can be high, and in some cases, a will can lead to bitter disputes. When the testator chooses to impose conditions on gifts or bequests, he or she might risk the will, or specific conditions of the will, being declared invalid.

How can a business prevent falling victim to scams and fraud

There is no shortage of scammers targeting commercial enterprises in Alberta and across the country. It is typically up to the business owners to put processes in place to protect their assets. It is crucial to train employees to detect questionable requests and offers. The only way to prevent falling victim to scammers is to recognize red flags and take preventative steps.


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