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Commercial law: Terms and conditions can benefit all

When consumers are faced with long lists of terms and conditions, many tend to agree without bothering to read it. Though commercial laws serve to protect both consumers and businesses in Alberta, and across Canada, not all business owners comply with established standards. Terms and conditions can serve to contain important details about the company and its protocols, while also serving the interests of the consumers.

However, when terms and conditions are used to bury or hide details that could affect the cost of the service or to obscure the real marketing intentions of a business, costly and time-consuming litigation may result. Business owners should see terms and conditions as the foundation of the business relationships they want with their customers. Customers should be able to quickly find the parts that detail their rights and the company's responsibilities, such as protecting the personal information of clients.

Terms and conditions that properly serve their purpose will comply with laws such as the Competition Act, and they will highlight the vital points while being clear and concise. They must be transparent and not used to contradict, negate or restrict the primary message in any way. It is never a good idea to bury important information in complicated columns of text.

Because the terms and conditions play such an essential role in any business, many commercial company owners in Alberta choose to utilize the skills of a lawyer. Legal counsel who is experienced in all aspects of business and commercial law can provide valuable support and guidance. While a lawyer can assist with the drafting of the terms and conditions of a business, a lawyer can also advocate for the business owner in the event of any legal claims against the client.

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