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The crux of commercial real estate lies in contract negotiation

For tenants and landlords in Alberta, the critical point is skillful negotiations. This is a particularly important part of deals that involve commercial real estate. In far too many cases, the eagerness to sign a contract can make the agreement a less profitable experience for that party.

Labour law overhaul leads to more harassment reports

Many workers in Alberta might have become more aware of their rights after the former NDP government overhauled occupational health and safety codes and employment standards. New legislation spelled out new rules related to workplace harassment and violence. This made workers aware of the process by which such incidents could be reported anonymously.

Civil litigation: Steps to recover owed money

Alberta business owners who have problems with collecting money owed to them might have questions about the most appropriate steps to take. The first instinct might be to sue the debtor, but seeking legal counsel first might be a good idea. Civil litigation can be time consuming and expensive, and there could be other legal ways to pursue the recovery of outstanding debts.

Disputes often follow employment termination

Ending someone's employment is typically stressful for both parties. Nobody wants to be on the receiving end of a notice of termination, but at the same time, it is mostly also an unpleasant experience for the employer who delivers that notice. If the basic rules as applicable under Alberta employment laws are not followed, disputes might develop, and if not resolved, the parties could land up in court. First and foremost, proper notice of intention to end employment must be given, both when employees quit and when employers terminate workers.

Business disputes about asset division in a divorce

The divorce process can give rise to a variety of disputes, most of which can be resolved with the help of family law lawyers. However, dealing with the division of business assets in an Alberta divorce could be challenging, and it is a process that likely needs the support and guidance of a lawyer who has experience in business and commercial law. A perfect example of such circumstances is the recent divorce of Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, and his wife of 25 years, MacKenzie.


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