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How can a lawyer help with drafting a will?

With online options of do-it-yourself estate planning, some people in Alberta might choose this low-cost option instead of paying for the services of an experienced lawyer. However, drafting a do-it-yourself will could have an adverse and costly impact on their estates. The outcome might lead to unintended beneficiaries receiving the assets that were meant to be inherited by others.

Even if the assets go to intended beneficiaries, the legal estate costs can run into thousands of dollars, and in some circumstances, litigation can tie up estate assets for years. Those who utilize the services of lawyers for this critical task find that legal counsel will consider their unique circumstances and understand their needs. If they explain their wishes, the lawyer can make sure those wishes are carried out appropriately.

The lawyer can also explain the applicable Alberta laws and ensure that every item of the will complies. Furthermore, legal counsel can ensure the surviving loved ones will not have to deal with excessive costs and taxes after the testator's death. With such support and guidance, the estate can be settled without delays. As part of the service, the lawyer can also confirm the mental state of the person whose will is drafted.

An Alberta estate planning lawyer can assist with other matters related to a will, such as choosing and appointing a guardian who can care for minor children. This need not be a one-time service because the lawyer will be familiar with the client's circumstances after drafting the will and will be able to assist with occasional updates to ensure the will remains current. Such updates can address new births, deaths, divorces, marriages and more.

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