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Business and commercial Law: Recovery of scam damages

Every business in Alberta, regardless of its size, is vulnerable when it comes to scams. For this reason, it is essential for business owners to remain alert and keep their eyes open for any red flags that could prevent the typical damages caused by business scams. Fortunately, lawyers who focus on business and commercial law issues can provide valuable advice related to these issues.

The directory scam is a typical way in which fraudsters get unsuspecting businesses to give them money. This scam works better with bigger firms that have dedicated accounting departments. The fraudster will invite the company to list or advertise online or in the printed media, and then confirm the business details like the address via the telephone. The next step would be sending a bill for payment. Targeting multiple businesses will earn the fraudsters payments for services never rendered from many unsuspecting accounting clerks.

Another favorite of the scammers is making phone calls to businesses, pretending to be provincial government agents. They claim that the company needs to update its health and safety training and also replace the first-aid kits. They will demand money transfers to cover the kits and prepay the training. In other cases, fraudsters might charge businesses for office supplies that were never ordered, and often not delivered. They work on the presumption that some of their targeted victims will pay the bills without documented proof of purchase orders and signed delivery notes or invoices.

The adverse impact on the bottom line of any business in Alberta that falls victim to such a fraudster could be severe. Not all business owners realize that they need not take scams lying down. A consultation with a business and commercial law lawyer might be the best step to learn how to go about recovering financial losses. The lawyer can also help to prevent the company from future scams by informing business owners how to recognize potential scams.

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