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Mediation can eliminate the need for civil litigation

Owners of commercial enterprises in Alberta have to deal with many challenging situations every day. When disputes arise, they might need legal counsel to help resolve issues through mediation rather than civil litigation. It is a process by which the needs, interests and perceptions of each party are shared, and all work to resolve their differences amicably without laying fault to the other party.

Personal directives are essential parts of wills and estates

Alberta residents who have established estate plans will want to review those documents at regular intervals to ensure they remain current. Many of life's changes like births, deaths, marriages and divorces might affect those plans. Also, it is wise to make sure that previously named powers of attorney and personal directives are still available and able to play those crucial roles in the event of the testator becoming debilitated.

Harassment over mandatory footwear a thing of the past

As from the start of this year, safety authorities in Alberta followed the lead of other provinces in prohibiting business owners and employers from enforcing footwear rules that could be harmful to employees. Women in Alberta workplaces are particularly grateful for this rule that will stop harassment by employers and supervisors to force them to wear high heel shoes. Amendments were made to the Occupational Health and Safety Code that will only allow mandatory footwear for safety purposes, such as steel-tipped safety boots, and not for looks or the company's image.


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