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Commercial law: The threat of internal and external theft

Business owners in Alberta face a multitude of challenges. One of those is theft, and commercial law allows steps to be taken to minimize theft opportunities and protect assets. Many owners choose to utilize legal counsel to assist with establishing a strategy to prevent theft -- both external and internal.

Business owners must not underestimate the inventiveness of potential shoplifters in their quest to steal merchandise without paying for it. Their actions could include shoplifting, breaking in or fraudulent returns. Using surveillance equipment and mirrors will let them know that they are being monitored, and it might deter external theft. Other crucial steps include frequent inventory taking, always responding to a security alarm and varying the routines of procedures such as the timing and the route taken to the bank to deposit cash.

Business owners typically find it even more challenging when it comes to internal theft. No one wants to suspect an employee of theft, but it happens. Internal shoplifting, fraud and embezzlement are all concerns, and taking steps to prevent these thefts might be easier than taking legal action afterward. Checking references and doing background checks is a wise move, and clear communication of business policies when it comes to internal theft is vital.

Many business owners in Alberta choose to utilize the skills of an experienced business and commercial law lawyer to provide guidance in all aspects. Legal counsel can suggest ways to protect business assets, such as making each cashier responsible for his or her own cash drawer, and using different staff members to reconcile the cash takings with the receipts. Furthermore, a lawyer can suggest the most appropriate way to deal with theft, whether internal or external, and provide support throughout any ensuing legal proceedings.

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