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Civil litigation might follow feeding a child cannabis brownies

Along with the legalization of marijuana in Canada, including Alberta, come risks that might need careful consideration. Civil litigation might result from a variety of possible circumstances involving cannabis. It must not be forgotten that marijuana is a drug, and although it has medicinal qualities, it could be harmful. Precautions must be taken not only for the welfare of cannabis users but also to protect children who might be offered marijuana containing candy or other edibles.

Children are at higher risks because they might not know the difference between cannabis-containing gummy bears or brownies and those to which they are used. Parents might ensure that their personal cannabis products are stored safely, but children must learn about the risks of taking candy from others -- even if they are not strangers. Using marijuana along with other medications can also have severe consequences, and it should only be done with a doctor's approval.

Learning the telltale signs of too much marijuana might prevent adverse consequences, and for children, even small quantities can be detrimental. Symptoms for which to look out include anxiety, confusion, panic and paranoia. Cannabis can also cause severe nausea, vomiting, an accelerated heart rate and hallucinations. Children can suffer sever consequences, and medical care is essential.

When a parent finds that his or her child consumed cannabis-containing edibles, he or she might be entitled to seek recovery of financial and emotional damages sustained. An Alberta lawyer who is experienced in the field of civil litigation can assess the circumstances to determine the available legal options. If there are grounds for a lawsuit, the lawyer can provide the necessary support, guidance and advocacy throughout ensuing legal proceedings.

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