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Time Limits For Bringing Civil Cases To Court

For civil litigation cases, it’s important to act quickly as you may not be allowed to bring a case to court years after the event occurred. There are specific guidelines set out through provincial legislation regarding time limits for specific matters.

Time limits may differ depending on the type of issue, and when the issue was discovered. If you have concerns about bringing your matter to court, consult a litigation lawyer. He or she will be able to tell you if you are able to commence a claim.

Time Limitations For Civil Matters

Generally speaking, courts offer a two-year limitation period to bring a matter to court. Regarding civil litigation matters, a large portion of cases involve debts or insurance claims. In these cases, it’s expected that a claim be brought to the court within the two years of the signifying event.

Possible Exceptions To The Two-Year Limit

However, according to the website, there are some exceptions to this two-year time limit. In one scenario, a person can still bring a claim to court regarding a debt or payment owed if the other party has stated in writing at some point they are aware that payment is still outstanding.

In another scenario, if a person has been paying repaying a debt over-time, the two-year limit begins from the time the debt was last acknowledged if there is an issue.

Insurance Claims

For damages to commercial or personal property (for the purposes of this blog, not personal injury or medical malpractice insurance claims) legislation states that you must bring a claim to the courts within two years of the damages.

While these rules are part of legislation, their application is slightly more complex. For a more thorough understanding relating to the specific conditions of your situation, it’s advised you speak with a litigation lawyer to answer your questions.

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