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Employee behaviour upon termination can impact legal outcomes

There are many things that can help or hinder people on either side of a legal battle. Alberta workers seeking restitution in a wrongful termination case can take steps before, during and after a firing to give themselves an advantage in court. While there is no way to guarantee results one way or the other, being careful to avoid certain behaviours can be advantageous for those bringing legal action.

A person's behaviour on the day he or she is terminated can have a big impact on one's case. Alberta workers should handle termination day appropriately, even if they feel the situation was unfair. Getting visibly angry can help an employer prove that the fired employee was unstable or a liability. It can also make former employers less likely to work with the terminated employee on things such as employment insurance applications or references for future jobs.

Alberta workers should be careful not to sign any documents presented at termination, as this could hinder their ability to bring legal action later on. A lawyer should review any agreement before a signature is given. Before leaving the workplace, it may also be a good idea to secure a reference from an employer or even co-workers. It can help mitigate the damage.

Despite the initial challenges of termination, leaving a workplace where one's rights are not respected may not be a bad thing in the long run. In the meantime, understanding the legal options one has to pursue a wrongful termination case can be helpful to lessen the damage and hold people responsible for illegal behaviour. The first step to pursuing such a case is finding a trusted Alberta lawyer.

Source: restonnow.com, "Legal Insider: Employee Advice for Handling a Termination", Jan. 2, 2018

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