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Loblaw providing gift cards after business law investigation

Restitution for business malpractice can be challenging, especially for large businesses whose practices affected a large number of customers. Loblaw Cos. Ltd. was found by a Competition Bureau investigation to be participating in a scheme to increase packaged bread prices for over 14 years. To make amends for these business law violations, they are offering customers who purchased the price-fixed bread in Alberta and throughout Canada $25 gift cards, a move that could cost the company as much as $150 million.

Legal marijuana leads to business law questions for employers

The upcoming legalization of recreational marijuana has led to many legal questions. Among these is the question of how employee use of the drug should be considered under Alberta business law. Human resources professionals across the province and the country are considering how use or abuse of the drug should be considered under workplace regulations, especially those where use of marijuana could be a safety or productivity risk.

Is termination due to off-duty activities legal?

Social media and camera phones have made once private occasions public. Recent headlines of people losing their jobs when after-hours activities are made public have led many to ask whether termination due to behaviour outside of work is legal. Employees and employers alike should know their rights and responsibilities under Alberta law when it comes to reasonable termination.

New laws aim to protect workers in hostile work environments

Workplace safety is a key concern for many workers and their families across the country. Alberta lawmakers are paying attention to hostile work environments as part of their labour law overhaul, which aims to protect the physical and mental health of workers. Recent amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act aim to provide better support for injured workers and to modernize health and safety regulations for workers across the province.


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