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Government plans to change business law re parental leave

It is important that business owners stay aware of changes to the legislation governing their operations. Alberta workers and employees are paying close heed to a new business law affecting parental leave for federally regulated workplaces. The Alberta government advised that hopes to change labour regulations to give expectant parents across the province the ability to apply for extended benefits.

The federal government introduced changes in November to allow certain workers to spread federal benefits over 18 months instead of 12 months. The change will affect any worker in a federally regulated workplace, including banks, transport companies and telecommunications businesses. This represents 8 percent of Canadian workers. The government says it is looking to extend these new allowances to all Alberta parents.

The province has not given a specific date when it plans to roll out the changes but advises that all workers in Alberta should have similar protections in the near future. The Minister of Labour says reviewing other business law issues related to employment insurance is important in order to properly keep up with standards set by the federal government. Anyone who works in federally regulated workplace and plans to take parental leave after Dec. 2, 2017 will be able to take advantage of the new rules for these workers.

Although parental leave will be covered by employment insurance in Alberta, business owners may still have questions about their responsibilities under a new business law like this. Those needing clarification regarding issues related to paid leave for employees should contact a lawyer. An Alberta employment law attorney can be useful with regard to any legal issues within the workplace.

Source: CBC News, "Alberta plans to extend parental leave period for all employees in province", Nola Keeler, Nov. 22, 2017

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