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Government plans to change business law re parental leave

It is important that business owners stay aware of changes to the legislation governing their operations. Alberta workers and employees are paying close heed to a new business law affecting parental leave for federally regulated workplaces. The Alberta government advised that hopes to change labour regulations to give expectant parents across the province the ability to apply for extended benefits.

Audit shows harassment is an issue for many city employees

Whether an organization is big or small, workers and employers both have rights and responsibilities to ensure a safe and legal working environment. Like many private employees, public servants can face harassment or discrimination in the workplace and may face challenges reporting such issues. This topic has made headlines in Edmonton, Alberta, where an internal audit reported that nearly one-fifth of city employees had experienced harassment.

Human rights concerns from job interview lead to $56,000 ruling

Workplace discrimination is an issue faced by many people across Canada. Many know that there is legal recourse for human rights concerns related to termination, but what happens when a person doesn't even get a job for discriminatory reasons? A Cold Lake, Alberta, resident was recently awarded $56,000 in lost wages and damages from a company that refused to hire him due to his sexual orientation and race.

Proposed business law change challenges age discrimination

Discrimination is a common topic in human rights law, especially legislation related to buying, selling and working. Alberta lawmakers are currently discussing potential business law changes that would restrict any age discrimination that cannot be legally justified. Car rental companies and insurance providers are among the businesses that could be affected by such a change.

Human rights concerns in agriculture sector raised in new report

When it comes to health and safety legislation, farming poses unique questions. Alberta has released nearly 200 pages of reports discussing health and safety considerations in the agriculture sector. Human rights concerns such as compensation, employment standards and safety precautions in farming are a much-discussed topic. Albertans have 11 weeks to provide feedback on the government reporting.


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