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Sexual harassment allegations leveled at Tesla

It is an unfortunate reality that hostile, damaging work environments still exist in the Canadian business landscape, not to mention elsewhere in the world. However, when large companies are accused of facilitating sexual harassment in their workplaces, it calls to attention just how much work remains to be done to right these wrongs. Calgary residents may already have heard of one such prominent case, involving tech giant Tesla. 

The company is already in the media spotlight as it prepares to launch its latest electric car, the product for which the company is best known. But founder Elon Musk has not commented publicly on allegations that were brought forward at a company town hall held on International Women's Day. Several women spoke out about the inappropriate treatment they had endured, they said, for years at Tesla's offices and factory locations. 

One woman in particular is in the process of suing the company after she was fired for speaking to reporters about the sexual harassment she encountered in Tesla's workplace. In an interview with the Guardian, she spoke at length about the harassment she endured at the hands of male co-workers and superiors. She was fired by the company under the auspices of her claims having no basis in reality, but the number of other workers now speaking out casts doubt on that assertion. 

Workplace harassment of any type has no place in Canadian workplaces, both here in Calgary and throughout the nation. Individuals who feel they are being discriminated against or otherwise harassed in their workplaces may wish to seek out legal advice from experienced employment attorneys. If necessary, these professionals can escalate the case past the internal company level to a court of law. 

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