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Tech comapny sued for harassment

An American startup company is facing serious allegations from a former employee over sexually charged and harassing behaviour in the workplace. UploadVR, based in California, has come under fire after their former director of social media launched a lawsuit against them for the harassment she says she and other female employees suffered during their tenure with the company. Workplace harassment is hardly an American issue, as many Calgary residents have endured similar treatment in Canadian workplaces. 

Civilian governance suggested to combat discrimination

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been under considerable fire for some time following recent inquests regarding unacceptable workplace behaviour. Both here in Calgary and across the nation, the RCMP has been accused of turning a blind eye to discrimination and harassment in its ranks. Now, a federal watchdog is suggesting that civilian governance be brought in to combat this behaviour. 

Employment contract disputes can follow staff poaching

Employers in Alberta typically do what they can to avoid losing a valuable employee. Employment contract disputes sometimes arise when an employee resigns -- especially if he or she intends to join the ranks of the opposition. Whether the employer will have grounds for a lawsuit may depend on the language of the employment contract and, if it involves poaching by the opposition, the intent of the other company.

Harassment in the workplace carries a high cost

When the topic of bullying is addressed, most people immediately conjure an image pertaining to school children harassing one another. The truth is, however, that harassment of this type is just as prevalent in the adult world as it is in schools. Here in Alberta and elsewhere in the nation, governmental agencies are taking action to stem the tide of workplace harassment and bullying, in an effort to create safer workspaces for Canadian employees. 


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