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Canadian senator faces harassment charges

Senior sources in the Canadian Senate have reported to news outlets that Yukon Senator Daniel Lang, as well as his policy advisor, are under fire for bad behaviour in the workplace. It will come as no surprise to Alberta residents that workplace harassment is pervasive, even within government institutions, as these allegations seem to reflect. Senator Lang is believed to be the subject of an internal review by the Senate at this time. 

The investigation was kicked off after the Senate's human resources department received a complaint about the senator earlier this year. The Senate has refused to comment publicly on the nature of the complaint, but it has been confirmed that it involved the treatment of a parliamentary worker. A spokesperson has underscored the need for confidentiality when investigating cases of this nature. 

However, some cases have become a matter of public record. The senator's policy advisor, Naresh Raghubeer, had a complaint lodged against him back in 2016, but the complaint was dropped after the complainant was offered a position on Parliament Hill and subsequently transferred. Raghubeer vehemently denies any wrongdoing took place and stated the matter was investigated and found to be baseless. 

It can be extremely difficult for individuals to come forward about harassment they experience in the workplace, something some Alberta residents can relate to. Thankfully, there are legal standards in place that allow such cases to be escalated beyond the scope of the company or organization. In such cases, the support of an employment law attorney can be invaluable in seeking reparation for the damages that can be caused by this type of harassment. 

Source: CBC News, "Senator Daniel Lang subject of workplace harassment allegations", Hannah Thibedeau, April 21, 2017

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