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Allegation of harassment goes viral

It should come as no surprise that hostile work environments still exist throughout Canada and the world. Harassment, particularly against women in the workplace, is still prevalent here in Alberta, despite efforts by employers and the legal profession to limit these cases. In some situations, however, victims refuse to stay silent, and in speaking out can bring scrutiny to their employers. 

Confronting sexual harassment in the workplace

It is widely understood that hostile work environments are often borne from cases of harassment. This is particularly true for women in Alberta workplaces, who often face gender discrimination and sometimes sexual harassment as well. All employees benefit from gaining an understanding of what constitutes this type of harassment. 

Harassment prevalent in police forces

A recent study of police culture in departments across Canada has revealed some troubling statistics, according to the professor heading the study. The study into workplace harassment is being conducted by a Calgary-based Master of sociology, who says bullying is very common, particularly against female officers. Her comments were spurred by the recent public resignation of a 14-year female veteran of Calgary's police force. 

Important changes re harassment in the workplace

Even in the modern era, not every Canadian workplace is welcoming to its employees. Here in Alberta, workplace harassment continues to be a significant issue in a variety of different industries. However, legislators are now paying closer attention not only to how harassment is handled internally, but also how employers choose to handle third-party harassment. 


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