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Dealing with hostile work environments

It is easy to believe that social evils like racism and sexism are relics of the past. As Alberta residents are aware, however, these issues persist even in 2016, particularly in the workplace. Hostile work environments still abound, and it is important for all people to understand their rights and responsibilities under the law as they pertain to harassment in a place of employment.

Many workplaces have their own strict rules of conduct pertaining to how employees treat one another. Obviously, overt verbal or physical attacks are prohibited almost everywhere. However, in some cases, the definition of an attack can be unclear or open to interpretation. Quite often, this is the province of unwanted sexual advances and other forms of subversive harassment.

Seeking support from business leaders and superiors in a work environment is not just helpful to the overall process. It is a fundamental right of an employee. Canadian law guarantees safeguards against hostile work environments for employees of all backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations and gender identities. However, if part of the hostility of the environment is fostered by those in authority, there are further steps that can be taken.

An experienced employment law attorney can be instrumental in bringing cases of workplace harassment to light. If necessary, these claims can be taken to court, where attorneys are able to argue for clients on the basis of human and employee rights. The most important thing for Alberta residents to remember is that, if they are confronted by hostile work environments, they do not need to subject themselves to abuse in order to protect their employment. 

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