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Calgary police work to restrict workplace harassment

It comes as no surprise to many employees in many fields that many workplaces can be described as hostile or unwelcoming. Workplace harassment is a widespread issue, which is why Calgary police are taking steps to improve their own internal processes in handling it. Not all workplaces put such importance on the day-to-day treatment of their employees, however, which is why legal options are made available to employees who feel they are being harassed in the workplace.

A review conducted by a former police chief in 2013 documented 60 recorded cases of workplace harassment complaints being lodged with the Calgary Police Service, which consists of some 2,000 sworn officers and a further 1,000 civilian employees. The complaints ranged from sexual harassment to bullying and intimidation. The current chief has addressed these issues, calling them serious but not widespread.

However, changes are being implemented today. In addition to hiring a dedicated lawyer for the human resources department, Calgary police have also instituted mandatory training for managing officers and civilians, seeking the support of gender specialists from the University of Calgary, and offering flexible shifts to address gender inequality. While the chief acknowledges these reforms will not by themselves fix the problem of workplace harassment in the service, they do represent a positive first step in the right direction.

Workplace harassment is a pervasive issue that influences all levels of job in every industry. While the Calgary police are leading by example in combating this issue, many workplaces are not as stringent. This is why seeking the support of an experienced attorney in handling a workplace harassment issue is an important step in dealing with this often-contentious issue.

Source: Global News, "Calgary police continue to reform workplace culture after harassment claims", Gary Bobrovitz Reporter, Oct. 24, 2016

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