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Weight discrimination a human rights issue?

Advocates in Manitoba are prompting discussion about expanding the human rights laws to cover individuals facing discrimination due to their weight, according to a recent report. If they are successful in mandating change in their own province, Alberta could see a similar shift in how discrimination is defined, not only in the workplace but universally. As of right now, weight discrimination is only considered a violation in certain scenarios. 

Ex-NHLer claims wrongful termination, sues beverage maker

A contract for services in Alberta may be viewed in much the same manner as one for regular employment. Both parties are expected to live up to their end of the deal, and if either side does not, there may be grounds for termination of the contract. However, sometimes how the terms are interpreted can lead to a dispute and possibly legal action. A former professional hockey player took his case to court after a sponsorship deal ended abruptly.

Mentally ill workers face discrimination

A Canadian ombudsman has been asked to investigate claims that workers suffering from mental illness may be denied benefits, according to a recent report. While the claims have originated in Ontario, the discrimination investigation could spell out major change for provincial standards in handling mental illness in the workplace here in Alberta as well. The complaint was submitted to the ombudsman on Nov. 10. 

Dealing with hostile work environments

It is easy to believe that social evils like racism and sexism are relics of the past. As Alberta residents are aware, however, these issues persist even in 2016, particularly in the workplace. Hostile work environments still abound, and it is important for all people to understand their rights and responsibilities under the law as they pertain to harassment in a place of employment.

Calgary police work to restrict workplace harassment

It comes as no surprise to many employees in many fields that many workplaces can be described as hostile or unwelcoming. Workplace harassment is a widespread issue, which is why Calgary police are taking steps to improve their own internal processes in handling it. Not all workplaces put such importance on the day-to-day treatment of their employees, however, which is why legal options are made available to employees who feel they are being harassed in the workplace.


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