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Are workers in Alberta entitled to a vacation?

As with other issues relating to employment law in the Alberta province, vacations and vacation pay can be complicated. The law clearly states that most employees are indeed entitled to a vacation as well as vacation pay. Those exempt from vacation rights include workers in the following industries:

-- Securities and real estate salespersons

-- Commission salespersons who do not work in a specific place of business

-- Video or film production extras

-- Commissioned insurance salespersons

-- Those employed on a farm

If you are not employed in the industries listed above, you probably are entitled to a vacation and to vacation pay according to Alberta law. Without more information about your employment status, it would be difficult to address your case specifically. However, the following information might help.

In Alberta, a basic vacation entitlement exists to give the province's workers an annual break without interrupting their income. Here are some important elements of Alberta's vacation entitlement.

-- Vacation time must take place during the 12 months after a worker becomes eligible for a vacation

-- Vacations can be unbroken or can occur in several shorter periods

-- Workers are allowed two weeks of paid vacation at first and then three weeks after they have been employed for five years

-- If workers and employers cannot agree on the vacation dates, the employer may make the final decision

Unfortunately, not all members of the Alberta workforce are aware of their vacation and vacation pay rights. Learning about the employment laws governing Alberta employers can ensure all workers receive the benefits they are entitled to enjoy. When an employer denies a worker these rights, it is important to speak with an employment lawyer to find a remedy for the situation.

Source: Alberta.ca | Labour, "Vacations and Vacation Pay," accessed Sep. 19, 2016

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