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Report says Canada's migrant workers need more attention

According to a recent report, migrant workers may be overlooked in Canada. The report says they are forced to live like second-class citizens as they do very difficult work in harsh conditions. There are tens of thousands of these workers taking on jobs every year.

Laws that protect employee rights in Canada

As astounding as it sounds today, it was once illegal to be in a union in Canada. You could be arrested and charged as a criminal. The first annual Labour Day parade happened in 1872, as a protest, and things have changed massively over they years as a result. Today, employees have many rights that are protected by law, and it's important to know what they are. A few examples are noted below.

An error of law versus an error of fact

If you're seeking an appeal, it typically means that an error was made by the judge -- at least, you believe such an error was made. You want a higher court to look at the decision to see if it should hold up. You think they will identify the error and rule in your favor because of it. The two main types of errors that can cause this are errors of law and errors of fact.


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