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Shareholder and partnership disputes in Calgary

Shareholder and partnership disputes can spell disaster for a Canadian business. Even if the company is profitable, and perhaps if the company is especially profitable, shareholders and partners may get into a disagreement about the way earnings and profits are distributed to the various shareholders and owners of the business. If one partner, for example, feels that he or she is not receiving his or her fair share of earnings, it could result in heated disagreements.

Whenever the beginnings of a disagreement arise like this, business owners and partners must try to bring the issue to agreement as swiftly and diplomatically as possible. That way, the business can continue providing the best quality services to its customers and clients without any organizational setbacks or delays.

That said, resolving a dispute like this may not be very easy to achieve. Shareholders and owners may therefore want to utilize the services of an experienced business law attorney who can advocate on their behalf, ensure that they are being treated fairly and in accordance with their contractual agreements, and do so in a way that honors the other parties' rights and obligations. Ultimately, the most important elements business disputes usually come down to tact, diplomacy and an excellent understanding of the law.

At Ridout Barron, we represent business owners, partners and shareholders in partnership and shareholder disputes. Some of the many types of issues we help our clients resolve include claims relating to:

-- Failure to provide financial data

-- Termination of shareholder employees

-- Shareholder agreement breaches

-- Dividend policy disagreement

-- And much more.

We act quickly with regard to derivative actions, oppression actions and other legal situations to manage the situation, with the ultimate goal of protecting our clients' rights and protecting the smooth operation and profitability of their businesses.

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