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Employee-employer disagreements in Canada

When an employee contract dispute involves nearly all of the workers at a company, like in a union-related dispute, the disagreement has the capacity to end in a worker strike. A strike can be devastation for the profitability of a company as it creates a total breakdown in productivity and operations. Since all work goes on hold, so does the company's ability to make a profit and stay financially viable.

Many a great company has crumbled as a result of a striking labor force, and this outcome is devastating for all parties involved. If a company fails due to striking workers, the company owners will lose their business, the employees will lose their source of work and income, and the customers will lose their source of products and/or services produced by the firm.

Interestingly, though, most strikes are completely avoidable. With proactive, diplomatic and wise negotiation, most union-related strikes can be avoided. A strike is in fact an indicator of a complete failure of negotiations. This failure might happen for a variety of reasons but it is usually because the common vision -- where employees and employers can see eye-to-eye -- is missing. Sometimes, all that is needed to find this vision is to introduce a third party into the equation that can view the situation more objectively and less personally.

At Ridout Barron, we serve as the missing piece of the puzzle for our Alberta clients who are trying to seek agreement and settlement in their employment law disputes. Since we have represented employees, unions and employers in all manner of employee-employer disagreements, we are fully equipped to maintain the kind of big picture view that is required to bridge the gap of a dispute and reconcile two parties' differences. Ultimately, what we strive to achieve is a balance of preserving the goals, rights, and needs of our client while keeping our clients realistic and on track with what is legally possible given their situations.

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