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All about Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution is a means for resolving disputes outside of court. Alternative Dispute Resolution is a great money-saving alternative to litigation and trial proceedings, and is often used by Canadian businesses to resolve commercial law disputes. Alternative Dispute Resolution is often a less stressful, less expensive, faster and more private way to settle business conflicts.

Calgary construction lien disagreements

Construction liens are normal in large construction projects, but that does not mean they are easy to navigate. Any business undertaking that involves a multi-year timeline or schedule, millions of dollars in costs, thousands of employees and dozens of contracting companies can find itself in trouble over business-related payment disagreements. When this happens on a construction project, a contracting company might file a construction lien, which -- if unpaid -- allows them to secure partial ownership of the property being constructed.

Employee-employer disagreements in Canada

When an employee contract dispute involves nearly all of the workers at a company, like in a union-related dispute, the disagreement has the capacity to end in a worker strike. A strike can be devastation for the profitability of a company as it creates a total breakdown in productivity and operations. Since all work goes on hold, so does the company's ability to make a profit and stay financially viable.


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