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Town mayor apologizes for sexual harassment at fire department

In support of Spaniard Bay's fire chief, approximately half of the volunteer fire squad resigned last week after the fire chief was accused of promoting a fire squad culture of bullying and sexual harassment. Meanwhile, the town mayor offered his apology to a volunteer firefighter who said she was victimized by sexual harassment and cruel treatment at the department.

How are copyright, patent and trademark suits different?

Intellectual property relates to ideas, inventions, symbols, names, designs, music, trademarks, writing, art and the ownership of these and other kinds of items. Under intellectual property laws, people and businesses can own specific rights so that only they can profit from and use particular pieces of intellectual property. When another party violates those rights by trying to use intellectual property for profit without permission, then a lawsuit can be filed.

How do I know if I was wrongfully dismissed?

Determining whether or not wrongful dismissal occurred often boils down to whether there was "cause" for the firing. If there was cause for the firing, then employees do not need to receive prior notice or severance pay. If there was not cause -- or the employer did not have a reason for firing the employee -- then the employer has to either give the employee sufficient notice before termination or offer the employee severance pay.


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