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What should I know about construction law?

Construction law relates to any legal problem arising out of the process of constructing a building, bridge, road or other kinds of structures. Considering how many different companies, employees, legal regulations, local zoning ordinances, state and federal statutes, and other factors are involved in most construction projects, these issues can be very complicated. Due to the multiple parties and factors involved, construction litigation often falls under the category of "complex litigation."

As an extremely brief primer on construction litigation, there are some important terms you should know, which will help you determine what kind of construction litigation claim you have. If your case involves a "defect," for example, it will mostly center around a flawed construction plan or a flawed building that could be harmful to those who use it on a regular basis.

If your dispute involves a "mechanic's lien," it will involve a charge put on a building or construction site by a company involved in its construction. The lien ensures payment for materials, services and labor that the construction company put into the building.

If your disagreement involves a "contractor," this is a person who has a special license to manage the hiring of different companies or employees to repair or build a building. Contractors are often at the center of construction disputes, either as a witness, a liable party or a plaintiff.

If you're currently embroiled in a construction dispute, it could be a multi-million-dollar issue. Therefore, you will want an experienced Toronto construction law lawyer on your side to help you litigate the matter.

Source: FindLaw, "What is Construction Law?," accessed Dec. 23, 2015

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