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Preventing strikes through employee contract negotiations

An employment contact dispute can be devastating for a business if it escalates into a workers' strike. When the wheels of a company come to a grinding halt in an employee strike, for example, the revenue-generating abilities of the business will also come to a halt. There is no doubt about it, these kinds of issues are best resolved as quickly as possible through negotiation rather than litigation, which does not move fast enough to prevent massive business losses in the event of a strike.

Fortunately, most employment contract disagreements can be resolved via negotiation. At Ridout Barron, we have worked on both sides of these kinds of legal matters for employees and employers. This gives us an in-depth understanding of the opposing side, no matter which party we are representing. The ability to truly "get" the other side's point of view gives us the ability to act diplomatically during contract dispute negotiations, which can help us achieve a settlement that honours our clients' requirements swiftly and efficiently.

Employee contract disputes arise out of a lot of different circumstances in Calgary. Some of the most common we see at Ridout Barron include: breaches of contract, contract interpretation disputes, hostile work environment claims, allegations of fraud, noncompete agreements, discrimination, allegations of incompetence and more.

If your contract dispute seems like an impossible and unresolvable disagreement, do not worry, as this is normal. It is rare that an employee contract issue comes to our firm before the relationship between employees and employers has completely deteriorated beyond repair. Rest assured that as dire as your employee dispute appears, both parties have a mutual interest in settling the issues as quickly as possible. In other words, there is usually a light at the end of the tunnel, and our firm will take every action available to lead you there.

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