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What should I know about construction law?

Construction law relates to any legal problem arising out of the process of constructing a building, bridge, road or other kinds of structures. Considering how many different companies, employees, legal regulations, local zoning ordinances, state and federal statutes, and other factors are involved in most construction projects, these issues can be very complicated. Due to the multiple parties and factors involved, construction litigation often falls under the category of "complex litigation."

Preventing strikes through employee contract negotiations

An employment contact dispute can be devastating for a business if it escalates into a workers' strike. When the wheels of a company come to a grinding halt in an employee strike, for example, the revenue-generating abilities of the business will also come to a halt. There is no doubt about it, these kinds of issues are best resolved as quickly as possible through negotiation rather than litigation, which does not move fast enough to prevent massive business losses in the event of a strike.

Airline settles Canada cvil suit over price fixing for $6 million

Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd., has agreed to pay CA$6 million to settle a number of antitrust class action lawsuits in Canada that have accused the firm of conspiring with other airlines to increase international air cargo rates. The lawsuits came about after European Commission and U.S. Department of Justice investigations accused the air cargo company of conspiring through conversations, meetings and other modes of communication to artificially set the rates for air cargo routes.

Are non-compete clauses enforceable in Canada?

It is not uncommon for employers to request their employees to sign a non-compete clause, which might be included in an employment contract, before they start working. The question is, are non-compete clauses enforceable in Canada? The answer is yes, but enforcement can be a challenge in many cases.


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