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Civil litigation and professional negligence

Professional negligence can manifest itself in a lot of different forms. Most of the professional negligence claims we take on at Ridout Barron involve the negligence of individuals and firms who provide professional services to businesses. Those might include investment advisors, surveyors, accountants and other kinds of professionals who negligently fail to provide an adequate level of service to the businesses or individuals that hire them. At its core, professional negligence refers to malpractice that results in serious financial losses.

Whenever we take on a case of professional negligence at Ridout Barron, the first order of business is to carefully review all documentation pertaining to the case. It is vital to prepare a detailed paper trail in these cases because it is extraordinarily rare for any negligent professional to admit to his or her errors and mistakes. Without appropriate documentation, the victims of professional negligence may not be able to prove fault in such claims, so it is important to handle this phase of the proceedings with the utmost care and attention to detail.

After reviewing the documentation, our lawyers will then interview the parties who dealt with the negligent professional at issue. This way we can establish a clear record and timeline of everything that took place, in order to prove that the professional failed to diligently complete the duties and services he or she owed to the victim and/or business. In many of these cases, it is necessary to bring in an expert witness from the field to provide his or her opinion about whether the negligent professional failed to meet industry standards with regard to the services rendered.

A lot of professional negligence claims can be resolved out of court, which is generally preferable because an out-of-court settlement is usually faster, more cost effective and less stressful than trial proceedings. However, at Ridout Barron we are fully prepared to take your case to trial and defend our clients' rights to financial restitution relating to your injuries when necessary.

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